How much does Synovia cost?


Starting out with fleet tracking is simple. We take care of installation, necessary hardware, software, updates, and support. Plus, we guarantee a 99% uptime and fix problems the first time – or we pay. Pricing includes:

  • GPS tracking devices
  • Driver interface hardware
  • Silverlining™ Suite software for fleet managers
  • Peripheral devices like barcode or RFID readers


We structure contracts based on your needs, and we’ll work closely with you to pick the right solutions. Then, we’ll structure the terms and payment in a way that suits you. Our SaaS model requires no money upfront to get started. Schools and government entities qualify for special terms. We just want to help revolutionize the way you manage your fleet.

As low as $11 per asset per month

As low as $11 per asset per month

Uncover the value of our solution.

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