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Save more money. Make your customers happier.

If you don’t have visibility into what’s really happening with your fleet, it can cause tons of problems. Customers are underserved. Repair bills mount. You could be losing money without even knowing it.

Synovia Solutions GPS tracking allows you to monitor your fleet in detail, boosting performance and saving you money. And it will help your drivers, too.

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GPS tracking for Distribution Vehicle Fleets

By tracking your distribution fleet using Synovia Solutions’ cutting-edge GPS technology, your vehicles can make more delivery runs every day, while you get visibility into things like fuel consumption, driver behavior, and wear and tear on vehicles. Don’t ask. Know. Here’s how —

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Know what’s happening down to the second

Synovia Solutions GPS tracking allows you to track your fleet’s activity with ease. If a customer calls asking about a delivery that’s late, you’ll be able to provide a precise ETA based on real-time GPS data. If a driver gets lost or needs a detour, dispatchers will have the tools they need to get them to the delivery site. And if mechanical issues put a vehicle out of commission, you’ll know exactly where it is so help can get there easily.

Synovia Solutions also lets you view when vehicles are moving – and when they’re stopped, so you can be sure your employees remain productive while out in the field. No idling, no overlong breaks will go unnoticed.

Synovia GPS tracking utilizes advanced sensors that allow you to see whether your drivers are speeding, braking harshly or otherwise driving recklessly. And if an accident happens and your driver was being safe, you’ll have the proof you need to combat any false claims.


Make maintenance simple

Major maintenance demands can be one of the biggest money drains for a fleet, whether you’re in distribution or any other industry. Constant repairs cost a lot, and having vehicles constantly in the garage means you lose money every minute they’re not on their routes.

GPS tracking from Synovia Solutions allows you to gather constant, detailed engine diagnostic information to keep a closer watch on your fleet. Fault codes are directly transmitted to a fleet manager as they happen via email or SMS. You can also standardize regular maintenance based on vehicle data such as odometer readings, engine hour data, or by time since the last service. Maintenance can be scheduled and monitored with our system by tracking past due services, ensuring that each vehicle gets the work it needs precisely when it’s needed. Now, you know what’s going wrong before it happens, and can fix it before it’s a major problem, or a major drain on finances.


Payroll management made easy

Synovia Solutions equipment can tie directly to your company’s payroll system, so their activity data can be uploaded rather than relying on clocking in and out. You can easily manage your drivers’ hours while eliminating paper time tracking and reducing unwanted labor expenses – including overtime.

You can also eliminate paying for time when your drivers are chewing the fat around the water cooler or not actively working for you with Synovia’s Time and Attendance feature. With Time and Attendance, drivers clock-in and out within their vehicle. On average, this saves 15 minutes per driver, per vehicle, per day. Fleet managers can also instantly review timesheet exceptions, compare planned and actual schedules, pay accurate wages, and save serious money in the process.


Protect your drivers – and everyone on the road

With the ability to monitor your staff’s driving practices, you can note unsafe drivers and train them to avoid speeding, aggressive braking, and other dangerous maneuvers. Synovia Solutions’ precise GPS tracking also means you always know where your vehicles are, so in the event of a breakdown or any other emergency, maintenance or medical teams know exactly where to go. And in some cases, the minutes saved can be critical.

And while the safety of your staff is paramount, you’ve also got the safety of your fleet to consider. With asset tracking you can know exactly where your assets are at all time, any hour of the day or night. Want to know when your power generator makes an unauthorized exit from a work site? With our easy-to-use geo-fencing tool it’s easy to set boundaries and know.

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