Make Complying with Hours of Service Regulations Easy.

One of the biggest concerns for drivers of large, heavy trucks is safety. Beginning on December 18, 2017 drivers will be required by law to use an electronic logging device (ELD) to log time and hours of service (HOS).

Benefits of Electronic Logging Devices

With Synovia’s HOS Solution, drivers electronically log time and HOS, automatically complying with new regulations. The solution also provides visibility into:

  • Real-time location of the vehicle or asset
  • Speed of the vehicle vs. speed limit of the road the vehicle is traveling on
  • Hard accelerating and hard stopping
  • What route a vehicle took to arrive at a particular location
  • The amount of idling time the vehicle experienced
  • Whether a vehicle is displaying any maintenance or fault codes

Comply Sooner Rather than Later

The more you learn about electronic driver logs the more you see that they make the nation’s highways safer, and that trucking companies will also be able to benefit from their existence. At Synovia we can help your company comply with the new regulations, while also taking your fleet tracking to the next level.



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