School Bus Fleet Management


Increase Student Safety. Improve Fleet Management.

GPS school bus tracking supports school administrators and students.

When it comes to school transportation, we want to help keep your kids safe. But, we also know that budgets are a challenge too. It's important to consider options that reduce school expenses with no upfront capital costs

That’s why we strive to help you increase Safety, improve Service and achieve Savings in the process. Our goal is to help you run safer while managing your operational costs such as fuel savings, bus driver payroll and manpower. And that continues well after the initial installation and training.

  • Transportation directors are able to improve route planning by integrating the bus planning software with our Silverlining platform. We empower you to reduce costs through a number of efficiencies and provide better service for the parents and students. We hear on average that schools get a return on the investment in 3 months or less. 
  • Parents appreciate knowing that we track their child's bus. With Parent Access, they can even see the school bus in real-time on the map and know when to send their child to the bus stop. 
  • In the beginning of the school year and as routes change, it's common for parents to call in with questions or concerns. Synovia Solutions equips the transportation coordinators with actionable information on the history of the buses and current locations. Over time, we find this reduces the length of calls and cuts down on the quantity. 
  • How many complaints do you receive about your bus drivers? Often times the bus drivers are following the rules, yet, they can be reprimanded due to complaints. Synovia Solutions allows you to oversee the driver behavior and reduce the downtime of buses with preventative maintenance. 

We have partnered up with Blue Bird to create Blue Bird Connect. We offer Synovia Solutions factory installed on your Blue Bird orders. 

Curious to learn more? Let us show you how we can help you run safer and save money in the process - a winning combination.

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