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People’s Care Case Study

People’s Care operates an 87-van fleet across the state of California. They had a previous GPS tracking provider but were unhappy with their customer service. After switching to Synovia not only has the customer service dramatically improved, but their insurance rates have dropped by 12%, fuel savings have increased by 4% and the amount of driver overtime has decreased by 5%.

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Streamline Irrigation Case Study

What do you do when $100,000 worth of equipment disappears overnight?

On August 12, 2015 when the workers at Streamline Irrigation arrived at work they noticed something wasn’t right. A Bobcat loader and its trailer were missing. Two pieces of equipment that together totaled about $100,000 in value. Luckily for them, only several months earlier Streamline had attached a Synovia asset tracker to the Bobcat, making it one Bobcat that wasn’t going to be out and about roaming around for very long.

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Loxahatchee River District

Loxahatchee River District manages both a fleet of vehicles, and some very expensive heavy duty equipment. It’s their job to provide a valuable service to the community each and every day, as efficiently as possible. Learn why they turned to GPS and asset tracking to be more forward looking in their business, and to provide better service to the community.

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Avon Community Schools

Avon Community Schools, located just outside of Indianapolis IN, serves over 9,400 students, and manages a team of 138 buses. They were moving from single stops to larger, group stops and needed a  way to provide more efficient bus stops while prioritizing the safety of their riders. Learn how they created a perfect partnership with Synovia’s student tracking app, Here Comes the Bus, to provide better service to their district.

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