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Safeguard your students, drivers and budget

As the Director of a school bus fleet, you’re not only responsible for maintaining your buses and staying within budget, you play a key role in making sure students are able to safely travel to and from school. And if parents have concerns, they turn to you.

To help you balance your everyday duties, Synovia Solutions has developed an innovative set of GPS-powered tools that will help you achieve a higher level of safety, savings and service.

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GPS tracking for school bus fleets

Managing your K-12 fleet with help from Synovia Solutions GPS technology will not only lead to exceptional cost savings, it will send the message that your district is serious about student safety and parent communication. Don’t ask. Know. Here’s how —


Student safety is no accident

Whether you’re a parent or administrator, your primary concern is student safety. It’s why Synovia Solutions has spent years developing cutting-edge technology designed to ensure the well-being of every child who boards one of your buses.

With Student Ridership, you can see if a child has gotten onto or off of the school bus along with where they were dropped off. As Transportation Director, you’ll be able to review actual ridership by bus or route, analyze planned versus actual loads and submit accurate ridership counts for Medicaid and state reimbursement.

As the only organization in the U.S. to develop a mobile device app that alerts parents that their child’s bus is near, Synovia Solutions also offers Here Comes the Bus®. Here Comes the Bus allows parents to view the real-time location of their child’s school bus on a computer, tablet or smartphone, as well as their child’s scan data if Student Ridership is implemented.


Take back control over your budget

It’s never easy managing a complex budget, especially when that budget is tied to circumstances out of your control, such as local levies and state grants. To help, Synovia Solutions delivers tools specifically designed to improve cost efficiencies.

With Synovia Solutions school bus fleet management tools, you can significantly reduce fuel consumption by tracking vehicle fuel economy and engine idling. If one of your drivers is wasting costly fuel by consistently exceeding the speed limit or sitting idle for hours on end, you’ll know.

Synovia Solutions also offers Time and Attendance, which connects to your current payroll system, eliminating the need for paper time tracking methods while allowing you to manage the number of hours your drivers work with ease. You’ll see a decrease in unnecessary labor expenses – including overtime costs.


You don’t like surprises. Neither do we.

It’s difficult to overstate just how important it is that the vehicles in your fleet remain in service. Thousands of children and their parents count on your buses to transport students to and from school safely and efficiently every day. What’s more, school bus maintenance can be costly. GPS technology from Synovia Solutions can help you minimize repairs and expenses while maximizing uptime using engine diagnostics with fault code alerts.

If a bus displays a fault code alert – such as a check engine light – you’ll be sent a real-time notification, enabling you to proactively manage minor repairs before they become major problems. Not only will you save money, but the vehicles your students count on will remain up and running.


Know the right way, right away

One of the easiest ways you can cut down on fuel spending, wear and tear expenses and other costs associated with everyday operations is with effective route planning and tuning the routes based on actual GPS tracking data.

Comparative Analysis from Synovia Solutions enables you to view planned versus actual routes and make routing adjustments that help your drivers follow optimal routes to and from every destination. Is an employee driving 20 miles to cover a 10-mile route because of traffic issues? Is a driver purposely racking up extra miles by taking the long way? With Comparative Analysis, you get the data you need to compare what’s supposed to be happening with what is actually happening on the road.

Comparative Analysis also tracks key performance indicators like arrival time at school, missed stops, extra stops made, and punctuality so you know how your drivers are doing, and can determine why vehicle routing problems are occurring.


Utilize GPS to track misuse.

Students and their parents are counting on your department to get them where they need to go safely and on time, and you need a way to ensure those who operate your school buses are acting responsibly. Furthermore, your drivers deserve a level of protection that verifies their actions and defends them against unfounded accusations.

With Synovia Solutions, you’re able to pinpoint stopped vehicles and see how long they’ve been in idle, so you can be sure your employees remain productive while out in the field. In addition, Synovia GPS tracking integrates with multiple sensors that can inform you of several variables, including whether or not a bus’ lights or warning signals were activated at the right time. This can help you to combat false claims or determine whether one of your workers followed the correct protocols. The same can be said for speeding, as Synovia GPS tracking can tell you whether or not a driver was exceeding the speed limit at any given time.

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