Sanitation Fleets

Waste not, want not

Sanitation workers are some of the most important yet underappreciated members of a city’s public service force. No community can function without the ability to properly dispose of trash and recyclable material.

GPS technology from Synovia Solutions helps sanitation fleets get the job done safer and more efficiently.

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GPS tracking for sanitation fleets

Tracking the vehicles in a community’s sanitation fleet gives you the data you need to make the trash pickup process quicker and safer for your employees while generating significant cost savings. Don’t ask. Know. Here’s how —


Protect your drivers – and community

Much of the critical work carried out by sanitation crews is done on your community’s roads. But the vehicles needed for the job tend to be large, bulky and hard to maneuver, meaning accidents and vehicle damage can be a real issue. As a manager you’re in charge of what happens to your fleet, but is it possible to be everywhere they are?

It is with GPS fleet tracking software. You can analyze driving activity to look for problems like speeding and reckless driving. You can track vehicles, map routes, and create meaningful transportation reports. It’s data you can use to help train new drivers and bring your existing team on board with practicing safer driving habits. Our easy-to-use software allows you to watch live activity of where your sanitation vehicles are, map historical routes and stops, create arrival reports, and much more.


Keep the right people informed

For many people, trash and recycling pickup becomes a regular part of their routine. A missed pickup gets noticed. And that can lead to phone calls from unhappy customers. Tracking your vehicles with GPS technology from Synovia Solutions enables you to know the exact location of your entire crew at any given moment, as well as where they’ve been. A customer whose truck is late can be assured that it’s coming, and even get an estimate of when it should arrive. And if an individual put their trash out late, you’ll know — saving you money on costly one-off pickups.


Prevent needless waste

Speeding, route deviation and reckless driving reduce your fleet’s efficiency by wasting fuel and putting more wear and tear on your vehicles. Synovia Solutions GPS tracking tools give you the power to significantly lower your fleet’s fuel costs by keeping tabs on vehicle fuel economy, engine idling and driver performance, helping you to adjust driving habits and increase overall efficiency.

Is an employee’s aggressive driving style sending your fuel costs through the roof? With Synovia Solutions, you’ll know.

Synovia Solutions can also tie directly to your payroll system, so you can easily manage the number of hours your employees work while eliminating paper time tracking methods, leading to a reduction in unwanted labor expenses – including overtime costs.

Let’s also not forget fuel cards. Synovia’s fleet fuel card uploads each purchase to our software, which reviews the purchases and identifies any irregularities as they happen, ensuring that your drivers’ fuel cards are being used properly. This way, the only waste you have to deal with is the kind in the trash cans.


The better your vehicles serve you, the better they serve the community

Missing a pick up can throw a wrinkle in the whole sanitation schedule. Then you’ve not only got vehicles that need attention, but customers as well. With fleet tracking software you have access to Engine Diagnostics that tell you in real-time if a vehicle requires maintenance. When you can see in advance what kind of work your fleet needs, unexpected and costly repairs won’t surprise you – or your customers.

Fault codes are directly transmitted to a fleet manager as they happen via email or SMS. Maintenance can be scheduled and monitored with our system by tracking past due services, ensuring that each sanitation vehicle gets the work it needs precisely when it’s needed.

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