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Daily Driver Reporting to Coach and Reward.

Synovia delivers reports to save you time and money.

Are you able to reward your best drivers?

Are you able to coach drivers requiring extra assistance?

Are you able to access your essential driver data on a mobile app?

Can you design a driver scorecard unique to your geography and customers?

There are a lot of questions to ask yourself as a fleet manager considering a fleet management solution. Or considering an upgraded solution.

As technology advances, fleet management solutions are able to deliver smarter, tailored reports that deliver the information you need when you need it.

Reports that will drive a strong return on investment.

So you can reward drivers who you want others to replicate. And coach drivers who jeopardize safety.

So you can access essential data from your mobile device wherever and whenever you need it.

So you can build reports that inform stakeholders about how your team is serving your community.

Synovia Solutions provides a tools to help you better manage and maintain your fleet.

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GPS tracking for public works fleets

By tracking your public works fleet using Synovia Solution’s leading-edge GPS technology, you can enhance service to your community, keeping your vehicles on the road while ensuring every mile is covered. Don’t ask. Know. Here’s how —


Know the real story in real time

One of the most important aspects of managing a public works fleet is effectively monitoring your vehicles and their drivers. Synovia Solutions informs you of the real-time location of every single member of your fleet – from street sweepers to utlility trucks – giving your dispatchers the ability to react to public requests faster. If a driver is lost or in need of assistance, you’ll know exactly where to find them. What’s more, stop and arrival information lets you view what vehicles are stopped and for how long, so you can be sure your employees remain productive while out in the field.

In addition, Synovia GPS tracking integrates with advanced sensors that can inform you of several variables, including whether or not a vehicle’s lights or warning signals were activated at any given time. This can help you combat fast claims or determine whether one of your workers followed the correct protocols. The same can be said for speeding, as Synovia GPS tools can tell you whether or not a driver was exceeding the speed limit at the time of an incident.


Spend less so you can do more

Synovia Solutions GPS tracking tools can help drastically cut fuel costs by monitoring vehicle fuel economy and engine idling. Is one of your employees using his lead foot to achieve a paltry four miles per gallon? Is another spending countless hours per month idling and wasting precious fuel? With Synovia Solutions, you’ll know.

And don’t forget fuel cards. Synovia’s fleet fuel card uploads each purchase to our software, which reviews the purchases and identifies any irregularities as they happen, ensuring that your drivers’ fuel cards are being used properly.

Synovia Solutions can also tie directly to your payroll system, so you can easily manage the number of hours your drivers work while eliminating paper time tracking methods, leading to a reduction in unwanted labor expenses – including overtime costs.


Keep up with issues to keep costs down

Synovia Solutions GPS technology can help you cut costs relating to the maintenance of your fleet through engine diagnostics with fault code alerts. Because it costs far less to prevent an issue than it does to fix it. So when you can see in advance what kind of work your fleet needs, unexpected and costly repairs won’t surprise you.

If one of your vehicles displays a fault code alert – such as a check engine light – you’ll receive a notification, enabling you to proactively manage minor repairs before they become major problems. Not only will you save money, but you’ll be helping to ensure the vehicles you and your community count on remain on the road instead of inside a repair facility.



Have your workers been there, done that? Now you’ll know.

Are there streets that your plows seem to miss every time there’s a snowfall? What about the resident who loves to call your office every week to ask why the garbage truck hasn’t arrived yet? With route verification tools from Synovia Solutions, you can confirm whether your vehicles have traveled a specific route.

If your drivers are failing to cover a certain area, you’ll know. And if your GPS dashboard shows one of your sanitation trucks has reached the home of your favorite concerned citizen, you’ll have proof.

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