Public Safety Fleets

Protect your department. Protect your community. Protect your budget.

Because you need every dollar to accomplish what’s most important: keeping your community safe!

Your department, whether it’s police, fire, or rescue, works every day to keep your community safe.

But do you have all the information required to manage intelligently?

Synovia offers a suite of software services designed to SAVE money, IMPROVE safety and ENHANCE service.

We achieve that by creating awareness.

Awareness of unnecessary idling eating into your fuel budget.

Awareness of unsafe driving outside of emergency responses.

Awareness of vehicles being where they should not be.

Because you can’t fix what you don’t know.

And you can’t manage your team intelligently with incomplete information.

Our Fleet Tracking Solution will provide you with both real-time data to make better decisions in the midst of an emergency and tailored historical reports so you can spend less on …..

And more on…..

Knowing your fleet’s behavior – and where it needs improvement – helps you manage smartly. 


Public Safety Guide

Public Safety Guide

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GPS tracking for public safety fleets

With more insights into the movement and position of your fleet of public safety vehicles, your department will be able to improve officer safety, provide better service to your community and save money doing it. Don’t ask. Know. Here’s how —


Keep your officers safe

Whether you’re a part of a police, fire or rescue department, maintaining the safety of your personnel is paramount. Tracking your vehicle fleet provides valuable insight you need to succeed. When a police officer or firefighter calls for backup, you’ll know who’s closest to the scene, the precise location of everyone on the road and how long it will take them to arrive. Even if a squad car hasn’t called in for hours, you’ll still know its current location.

Synovia GPS systems give you more ways to keep officers safe. All systems have an emergency button that calls for backup while broadcasting that vehicle’s precise location. And when a vehicle’s lights and sirens are activated, the tracker automatically emits location data every 10 seconds, providing you with more granular information in emergency situations.


Prolong your vehicles’ lives

Most managers would rather repair a problem before having to replace it. Broken-down vehicles not only hamper a department and its ability to serve the public, but the cost of major repairs can wreak havoc on a tight budget. With Fleet tracking from Synovia you can you can see in advance what kind of work your fleet needs, so unexpected and costly repairs won’t surprise you.

Through fleet management tracking we can help keep your fleet on the road, serving the public, as well as help you save money. Tracking units connect directly to the vehicle’s engine, delivering detailed information on vehicle mileage and usage hours, helping you to better plan preventative maintenance measures and keep your fleet running as smoothly as possible.


Spend money where it’s needed most

With public safety budgets no longer a sure thing, it’s important to try to save money and maximize its impact. That makes increasing efficiency a critical part of success, and GPS tracking is a powerful tool to make it happen. By being more responsive to your vehicle’s performance you can be more responsive to the public.

GPS fleet tracking provides accurate information on vehicle driving practices — including speed and active time — so you can determine whether fuel is being wasted or undue wear and tear is being put on your engines. Speeding and idling can be monitored and assessed, and personnel can be trained on proper driving habits that will protect vehicles and save money. Furthermore, you’ll be able to show residents that their neighborhoods are being patrolled consistently, providing them with peace of mind while demonstrating that their tax dollars are well-spent.

And let’s not forget fuel cards. Synovia’s fleet fuel card uploads each purchase to our software, which reviews the purchases and identifies any irregularities as they happen, ensuring that your drivers’ fuel cards are being used properly, and the tax payer’s money is being spent on what it was intended to be spent on.


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