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Secure your assets – no matter what.

When you’re in charge of a modern-day landscaping operation, managing the moving parts of your business can be an incredibly difficult task, especially when you’re on a tight schedule day in and day out.

When the smallest delay can throw your schedule into disarray, Synovia Solutions GPS tracking tools can make going from job site to job site easier than you ever thought possible.

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GPS tracking for landscaping equipment fleets

The ability to track your vehicles and equipment using GPS technology gives your landscaping business the data necessary to get the job done faster and more efficiently – all while keeping your customers happy. Don’t ask. Know. Here’s how —


Protect your equipment investments

The more jobs you handle in a day, the more likely it is that your equipment is spread too thin, which makes lost or stolen items an even bigger concern. With Synovia GPS systems, you’ll know the precise location of your entire fleet of vehicles and equipment at a moment’s notice. Our trackers have the ability to receive power from a vehicle’s engine or an internal battery, so whether it’s a truck or lawnmower, your assets will remain protected.


Keep your customers happy

If a job takes longer than expected, it can disrupt an entire day’s schedule – and make a landscaping team late to an appointment. If customers are kept waiting, it can cost you business, especially if they ask for updates and you can’t provide them. Accurate telemetry provided by your vehicle’s GPS system gives you the ability to reference the location of any vehicle at any time, so you can give customers a sense of control over their time, and assurance that they haven’t been forgotten.


Prevent damaging downtime

Equipment breakdowns prevent your team from reaching and completing jobs. But if you’re aware of a potential problem as it’s developing, preventative maintenance can keep equipment running smoothly and eliminate delays. Synovia Solutions engine diagnostics informs of engine fault codes as they appear, so you can act before your equipment is knocked out of commission.

Our fleet tracking software offers live Engine Diagnostics that tell you in real-time if a vehicle requires maintenance. Because it costs far less to prevent an issue than it does to fix it. So when you can see in advance what kind of work your fleet needs, unexpected and costly repairs won’t surprise you.

Fault codes are directly transmitted to a fleet manager as they happen via email or SMS. You can also standardize regular maintenance based on vehicle data such as odometer readings, engine hour data, or by time since the last service. Maintenance can be scheduled and monitored with our system by tracking past due services, ensuring that each vehicle gets the work it needs precisely when it’s needed.


Ensure what is lost is always found

Every year, landscaping businesses lose millions of dollars due to lost, stolen, or misplaced equipment. For many, these unfortunate events are just part of doing business. The National Insurance Crime Bureau figures show that 77% of the equipment that gets stolen is never recovered. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way.

With GPS tracking from Synovia Solutions, you can instantly locate any and all company property, from gas-powered machines to battery-operated technology. Our motorized GPS tracking is perfect for assets such as backhoes, bobcats, lawn mowers, generators or tractors. The tracker sends a location update every 30 seconds and also monitors engine use hours for maintenance or billing purposes. Weatherproof, its internal battery recharges whenever the asset is active – so downtime is never an issue.

Our non-motorized asset tracker has an internal battery that lasts 5 to 7 years. It automatically sends a location signal at least once a day, and can alert you when an asset is moved outside of a predetermined geo-fence. It’s perfect for things like trailers, dumpsters and other non-motorized equipment.


Manage your budget wisely

Preventative maintenance can save your business a lot of money. Not only does it protect against unnecessary downtime, minor maintenance is a lot cheaper than major repairs. GPS tracking keeps you from having to purchase new equipment for broken down machines.

Synovia Solutions GPS tracking tools also give you the power to significantly lower your fleet’s fuel costs by keeping tabs on vehicle fuel economy, engine idling and driver performance. Is an employee’s aggressive driving style leading to terrible gas mileage when moving from job site to job site? Is unnecessary idling wasting fuel and damaging engines? With Synovia Solutions, you’ll know.

Synovia Solutions can also tie directly to your payroll system, so you can easily manage the number of hours your employees work while eliminating paper time tracking methods, leading to a reduction in unwanted labor expenses – including overtime costs.

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