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Improve cost savings. Exceed customer expectations.

Without the right GPS tracking technology in place, a fleet can bleed money from your business and leave your customers waiting.

Synovia Solutions provides GPS tools designed to ensure your fleet performs at a high level, so you can satisfy your customers while cutting unnecessary spending.

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GPS tracking for field service fleets

By tracking your field service fleet using Synovia Solution’s leading-edge GPS technology, you can fit more jobs into each workday, manage fuel consumption, driver behavior and stay ahead of costly repairs. Don’t ask. Know. Here’s how —

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Rise above potential pitfalls. Stay on top of your fleet.

Synovia Solutions GPS tools give you a way to track all of your fleet activity with ease. If a customer calls asking about the location of an employee, you’ll be able to provide a precise ETA based on real-time GPS data. Your dispatchers will have what they need to direct your employees to the right locations based on proximity, and if a driver is lost or disabled due to an accident or mechanical trouble, you’ll know exactly where to find them.

What’s more, Synovia Solutions lets you view what vehicles are stopped and for how long, so you can be sure your employees remain productive while out in the field.

In addition, Synovia GPS tracking utilizes advanced sensors that allow you to determine whether one or more of your workers are speeding, braking harshly or following the correct protocols. And if an employee was following the rules at the time of an incident, you’ll have the proof you need to combat any false claims.


Cost control that puts you in charge

A large part of your role as operations or fleet manager involves finding ways to save your company money. Synovia Solutions GPS tracking tools give you the power to significantly lower your fleet’s fuel costs by keeping tabs on vehicle fuel economy, engine idling and driver performance.

Is an employee’s aggressive driving style leading to terrible gas mileage? Is another one of your workers eating up several hours per month idling? With Synovia Solutions, you’ll know.

Synovia Solutions can also tie directly to your payroll system, so you can easily manage the number of hours your employees work while eliminating paper time tracking methods, leading to a reduction in unwanted labor expenses – including overtime costs.

Let’s also not forget fuel cards. Synovia’s fleet fuel card uploads each purchase to our software, which reviews the purchases and identifies any irregularities as they happen, ensuring that your drivers’ fuel cards are being used properly. With fuel card reporting you get reports that give you visibility into how your fuel spend is being used. Such as summaries and detailed charges by fleet or vehicle, suspicious purchases and miles per gallon for a single vehicle.

In most instances GPS fleet tracking will actually pay for itself if you only take into account the fuel you’ll be saving.


Know more. Spend less.

One of the largest opportunities for savings with field service fleets has to do with vehicle maintenance and repair. Since most managers would rather repair a part before they have to replace it, fleet tracking with Synovia Solutions can help. With fleet tracking software you reduce repair costs using engine diagnostics with real-time fault code alerts. When you can see in advance what kind of work your fleet needs, unexpected and costly repairs won’t surprise you.

Each tracking unit connects directly to the vehicle’s engine, recording the vehicle identification number (VIN) and monitoring fault codes. If something goes wrong or a situation arises, fault codes are directly transmitted to a fleet manager as they happen via email or SMS. You can also standardize regular maintenance based on vehicle data such as odometer readings, engine hour data, or by time since the last service, ensuring that each vehicle gets the work it needs precisely when it’s needed.

Lost and found

Ensure what is lost is always found

Every year, field service businesses lose millions of dollars due to lost, stolen, or misplaced equipment. For many, these unfortunate events are just part of doing business. The National Insurance Crime Bureau figures show that 77% of the equipment that gets stolen is never recovered. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way.


Synovia Solutions also offers two GPS asset-tracking options, motorized and non-motorized. With motorized tracking the asset tracker sends a location update every 30 seconds when connected to the asset’s battery. It also monitors engine use hours for maintenance or billing purposes. The equipment-tracking device is weatherproof, and its internal battery recharges whenever the asset is active – so downtime is never an issue.

Non-motorized trackers have an internal battery that lasts 5 to 7 years. It automatically sends a location signal at least once a day. You will also be alerted when an asset is outside of a predetermined geo-fence. Positional updates continue every five minutes until it’s returned.

So now, no matter the equipment, no matter where, you’ll know exactly where it is, no matter what.


Never lost, always secure.

On a job site, sometimes your equipment doesn’t end up where it’s supposed to be. Things disappear, whether they’re stolen or simply left at the wrong site. When that happens it can take a while to get everything straightened out – and that means unnecessary delays. GPS tracking means you know where every piece of equipment is when you need it. And with a built-in battery, our GPS solutions aren’t just for equipment with an engine. Don’t ask: “Where are my compressors, trailers or storage boxes?” Know.

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