How it Works

What Is Fleet Tracking?

Fleet tracking utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) to connect you to your fleet. We install hardware into your vehicles which gathers GPS and vehicle data and transmit them to our cloud-based software. That data is provided to you in an easy-to-manage interface that gives you the ability to monitor your fleet in real time. You have instant visibility into your vehicles and drivers.

The vehicle data provides insights into vehicle performance and maintenance needs, helping to prevent costly breakdowns. You can use all of this data to build historical reports to help you increase efficiency and ultimately save money. From past performance to instant tracking, Synovia gives fleet managers the information you need to make smart decisions.

Vehicle and Asset Insights

Key Performance Indicators for Your Fleet

  • Excessive idling hours
  • Excessive idling cost
  • Max speeding count
  • Zone speeding count
  • Posted speeding count
  • Asset utilization
  • Pre-trip exception count
  • Post-trip exception count
  • Railroad crossing compliance
  • On-time performance
  • Missed/extra stops
  • Early/late stops

Real-Time Tracking and Reports

Location Tracking

Fleet Tracking in Real-Time

See the locations of your entire fleet, a group of vehicles, or a specific vehicle. Signals from each vehicle are sent every 30 seconds, immediately after each turn, and when a connected sensor is turned on or off.

Custom Geo-fences

Easily Customize Boundaries

Draw geo-fences around key parking lots and landmarks. The Satellite view ensures you capture the areas you want. This allows you to set alerts and know precisely when vehicles enter or exit the area, giving you insights into on-time departure and arrival.

Custom Alerts

Receive Key Alerts

Specific alerts can be received via window pop-ups, emails, and text messages. The alerts screen also makes it easy to get an overview of the past alerts and identify active ones. You can dig into the specifics around when and where they occurred.

How We Implement Our System

How We Implement Our System

Your Synovia project manager will assemble an installation team for your fleet and install all necessary equipment. These teams are experienced in the process and ensure proper functionality of all your new hardware. Our trainers will then provide you with a fully comprehensive plan to train your team and provide ongoing support.

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