Synovia Solutions offers SynsuranceSM, which is an all-inclusive, turnkey service plan that provides you with everything necessary to track your vehicle fleet. Hardware, software, installation, training, and more are all included with no up-front cost, so you can start right away. And if you need support, don’t worry –everything’s covered under the plan.

Lifetime comprehensive coverage

Every Synsurance plan includes a full hardware warranty that lasts the duration of your service agreement. If Synovia Solutions-supplied vehicle hardware fails to perform,you’ll receive a replacement at no cost to you. You have access to live customer support, online training, and on-site assistance for every part of your solution. All software upgrades and updates are included as well.

Keeping your fleet on the road

If you experience downtime related to our software, we’ll have you up and running again in four hours or less, or you’ll be credited a day’s charge for your entire fleet*. You’ll have 99% uptime– guaranteed. Issues will be fixed the first time. If one problem requires two support calls within 30 days, we pay. Synovia will also provide you with 2% spare units, so if one fails you can replace it immediately. Then, simply send us the defective unit and get a replacement spare within 48 hours.

Flexible pricing and protection

Your Synsurance service plan is guaranteed not to increase in price during the term of your contract, and there are no hidden fees or costs. Payment plans are flexible to meet your needs – pay monthly, quarterly, yearly, or pre-pay. Government entities can even cancel a contract with no penalty if funds aren’t appropriated. Many of our customers have actually found Synsurance to be self-funding within 90 days.

*An extraordinary event involving our data carrier would not qualify for this credit

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Turnkey Solution

  • Includes all hardware, software and ongoing services
  • No servers or infrastructure to maintain

Service Guarantee

  • Lifetime hardware warranty
  • Hosted software with 99% uptime


  • No upfront or hidden costs
  • Rapid return on investment
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