Know where and when your students board and exit the bus.

Did all your students get picked up this morning? Were they dropped off at their assigned stop? Which students are on Bus 32 right now? Our Student Ridership solutions allow you to track when and where each student boards and exits their bus.Search by school or itinerary to see a complete view of your district, or drill down for more detailed reports and compare your planned and actual capacity. Drivers won’t lose time, because it’s easy for students to check-in and out, and for fleet managers, they can ensure the right students are riding to the right stops.

Synovia offers multiple options to help you manage student ridership, including:

  • Barcode scanner  use existing ID cards
  • Here Comes the Bus App  mobile device
  • RFID scanner  reads installed in bus entryway 
  • Driver tracking via operator panel tablet (for small loads and special needs students)

Equipment to fit your needs

Our Comparative Analysis integrates with your existing routing software system and allows you to compare planned routes to the ones drivers actually take. When paired with our Student Ridership solutions this allows you to verify the student information against the planned rider manifest by stop, automatically checking each time a student boards or exits a bus. If a student boarding is not on the route manifest or tries to exit at an incorrect stop, the driver is notified immediately.

In-depth reporting pays off

Student Ridership reports help you gain precise knowledge of student loads, plan smarter, and save realmoney in the process.

  • High-level summaries for a single day or time period
  • Detailed daily reports on total routes, single runs, or individual stops
  • Submit accurate ridership data for Medicaid reimbursement

Right Bus. Right Stop. Right Time.

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See Synovia in Action

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