With Synovia Solutions Comparative Analysis, you can compare planned routes compared to actual routes. Just integrate your routing system with our fleet tracking and we’ll do the rest.

Stop-by-stop comparisons within your fleet

Know when each vehicle in your fleet should be at each stop, and see when – or if – they arrived. Fleet managers can compare planned and actual stops on maps sorted by date or individual run. Get summaries of your fleet’s overall activity, then drill down into stop-by-stop data to see exactly how each driver and each vehicle is performing.

The knowledge to better serve your customers

Gain total visibility into routes as they’re being run. Spot delays or long stops immediately. Alert customers if planned stops change, and notify them when they can expect your driver to arrive. If one of your drivers deviates from their planned route, you’ll know as it happens – and be able to respond quickly and appropriately. Here are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy with our Comparative Analysis:

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Monitor stop arrival times
  • Compare against planned times

Inform Management

  • Manage time performance
  • Keep key people informed

Manage Your Routes

  • Ensure on-time departures
  • Track route compliance
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