Wouldn’t you like to repair it before you have to replace it?

Most managers would. That’s why Synovia Solutions offers live Engine Diagnostics that tell you in real-time if a vehicle requires maintenance. Because it costs far less to prevent an issue than it does to fix it.When you can see in advance what kind of work your fleet needs, unexpected and costly repairs won’t surprise you.

Detailed Engine Data

Each tracking unit connects directly to the vehicle’s engine, recording the vehicle identification number (VIN) and monitoring:

  • Fault codes
  • Odometer reading
  • Fuel consumption

Protect your investment

Fault codes are directly transmitted to a fleet manager as they happen via email or SMS. You can also standardize regular maintenance based on vehicle data such as odometer readings, engine hour data, or by time since the last service. Maintenance can be scheduled and monitored with our system by tracking past due services, ensuring that each vehicle gets the work it needs precisely when it’s needed.

Safety and savings on the road

Engine Diagnostics reports include distance driven, fuel usage, and idle time so you know exactly where your fuel budget is going. Set alerts based on speed, RPMs, or fuel usage so you are informed of driving behaviors. By monitoring actions like harsh braking and hard acceleration, you can identify drivers whose habits on the road need some coaching. Generally, the more safely a vehicle performs, the more efficient it is, saving you fuel and protecting your drivers and your bottom line.

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See Synovia in Action

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