GPS tracking isn’t limited to just trucks, buses, and other vehicles. Synovia Solutions also offers two asset-tracking options, allowing fleet managers to monitor every portable asset they have. Just want to know when your power generator leaves a work site? With our easy-to-use geo-fencing tool, you can be alerted when the asset tracker enters or exits designated areas. Now, when any piece of equipment or portable storage unit moves, you’ll know exactly where it is.

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Asset Tracking Case Study

Asset Tracking Case Study

What do you do when $100,000 worth of construction equipment goes missing overnight? If you’re Streamline Irrigation, from Kingsburg, California, you simply get on the phone to Synovia Solutions and make darn sure you get it back.

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Asset tracking for motorized equipment

This tracker sends a location update every 30 seconds when connected to the asset’s battery. It also monitors engine use hours for maintenance or billing purposes. The equipment-tracking device is weatherproof, and its internal battery recharges whenever the asset is active – so downtime is never an issue. It works for all self-powered assets, including:

  • Backhoes
  • Generators
  • Lawn mowers
  • Power washers
  • Skidsteers
  • Snow blowers
  • Tractors


Asset tracking for non-motorized equipment

This tracker has an internal battery that lasts 5 to 7 years. It automatically sends a location signal at least once a day. You will also be alerted when an asset is outside of a predetermined geo-fence. Positional updates continue every five minutes until it’s returned. Use it with any assets, including:

  • Dumpsters
  • Portable classrooms
  • Portable toilets
  • Trailers