Our Partners

Working Together for You

We do everything we can to ensure a great experience for our customers. That includes building strategic partnerships with industry leaders to expand our capabilities and transform the way you manage your fleet.

Verizon Wireless

Synovia’s partnership with Verizon Wireless prevents overage charges for our customers. Our devices, including the in-vehicle screens that display information for drivers, connect quickly and easily to Verizon’s network. Verizon’s coverage and redundancy ensure reliable service, so you can always know your vehicles’ locations.


Blue Bird Corporation

With Blue Bird Connect, getting started is easy. Every new Blue Bird school bus comes with the option to activate any of our solutions at no upfront cost. Blue Bird dealers can also install Blue Bird Connect on your existing fleet, regardless of the brand.



Transfinder bus routing software is designed to integrate smoothly with Synovia’s suite of solutions. This combination provides schools with a comprehensive transportation management system.


ALK Technologies

CoPilot Professional provides commercial grade, turn-by-turn directions and route visualization in real-time to ensure safe and on-time arrivals.

Safety Vision

Safety Vision’s partnership with Synovia Solutions will provide improved safety, service and savings for fleet managers in various industries including school transportation, waste management, construction, public works, public safety and more.  Safety Vision is among the most recognized vendors of mobile video surveillance products in North America since 1993. Their comprehensive solutions continually enhance vehicular safety in both the private and public sectors.

ESRI Silver Partner

Synovia Solutions has a bi-directional interface with ESRI. Shapefiles from ESRI can be overlaid on maps within Synovia and vehicle information from Synovia’s vehicle tracking devices can be viewed in real-time, in ArcGIS via ESRI’s GeoEvent Server.


ESRI Interface

Synovia Solutions is an ESRI Silver Partner and we offer bi-directional integration with ESRI.

View ESRI data into Synovia | The customer configures Synovia to consume ERSI shapefiles hosted on the customer’s network.  The shapefiles can be toggled on/off on all maps in Synovia.


Example above shows school jurisdiction boundaries in ESRI .shp that have been written into Synovia.

View Synovia data into ESRI | Vehicle information from our vehicle tracking devices can be fed, in real-time, directly into ArcGIS via the ESRI’s GeoEvents Server.



Above are examples of ArcGIS with GPS location information from Synovia Solutions.


Synovia’s partnership with Kajeet provides a safe, affordable, mobile broadband solution that connects disadvantaged students to the Internet outside the classroom. The Education Broadband solution includes a Kajeet SmartSpot® device and the innovative Sentinel® cloud portal with controls that enable school districts to provide CIPA-compliant, education-only filtered Internet access to keep students focused on homework.


Synovia is a member of NJPA, a cooperative purchasing agency. This means we have already satisfied the competitive solicitation requirement. NJPA contracts save you and your agency considerable time and money while eliminating the need to duplicate the solicitation and contracting process.

To learn more, download our datasheet or click here to learn how to join NJPA at no-cost, with no obligation or liability.

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