Fleet Advisor

One Point of Contact. For Everything.

At times, organizations of all sizes struggle with deploying a telematics solution with questions like What is the best roll-out approach? How can we drive user adoption? and How can we get the best results in the shortest amount of time?

Synovia’s customers have also repeatedly requested a “Single Point of Contact” once the system is implemented.  The notion is that a designated advocate will provide a consistent voice responding to customer needs, improve customer satisfaction, foster better user adoption and drive better results.

To better serve both new and existing customers, Synovia has fully implemented the role of “Fleet Advisor”. New Customers will ramp up more efficiently and existing customers will get enhanced support with a dedicated Fleet Advisor. The Fleet Advisor concept got rave reviews at the 2017 Synovia Solutions Customer Council with comments like “My Fleet Advisor has been a difference maker in helping me get the most out of our system – my questions get addressed quickly with no delays” and “Getting proactive calls from my advisor proves that Synovia really cares about our success”.

Fleet Advisors:

  • Act as the primary Customer Service contact for the customer.
  • Are accessible directly via phone and email.
  • Coordinate support activities beyond what can be resolved immediately.
  • Monitor the hardware success, fleet-wide (GPS units reporting).
  • Follow up on all closed cases to ensure satisfaction.
  • Ensure data imports from third party integrations are completed consistently.
  • Establish customer fleet goals and guide customer to demonstrate improvements with scheduled system reviews.

Customer Benefits:

  • Single Point of Contact (SPOC) who will:
    • Provide quick resolution of all issues, problems, incidents and enhancement requests.
    • Respond to unique customer and user requirements.
    • Foster better customer/vendor relations.
    • Create awareness of telematics needs relating to the entire organization.
    • Coordinate vendor resources more effectively.
  • Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)
    • Drive incremental change over time to be less disruptive to the organization.
    • Review processes consistently and improve considering their efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility.
    • Ensure that improvements are measurable and repeatable.
  • Best Practices
    • Document procedures that will significantly produce superior results.
    • Maintain a Rolling 12 Month Action Plan.
    • Ensure that practices are performed consistently.
  • Return On Investment (ROI)
    • Realize tangible and intangible benefits from the actual and opportunity costs associated with deploying telematics.

The Fleet Advisor concept is a clear differentiator in the marketplace and another reason why selecting Synovia is the best option to address all your Fleet Management requirements.

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