Don't Ask. Know.

Gain the insights you need to take control of your fleet and maximize your budget with Synovia Solutions™. As a company of problem solvers, we’re constantly developing leading-edge tools and analytics.

From Engine Diagnostics and Time and Attendance, to Comparative Analysis, Student Ridership and more, our complete line of GPS-powered products will change the way you view fleet management. For good.

Get Started and Pay Nothing Upfront

Synovia Solutions offers the ultimate buyer protection program in the form of the Synsurance™ monthly plan.

  • Requires no upfront costs
  • Includes all installation, hardware, software, updates and support
  • Guaranteed not to increase in price*
  • Comprehensive equipment warranty never expires*
  • 99% uptime guaranteed or we pay
  • Easy-to-use dashboards backed by live customer support

* For the life of your service agreement